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Reel Art pro opravdové rybáře

Reel Art is a company that I started with one idea – to give my daughter a good looking fishing diary. And as I found out that there weren’t any on the market I decided to take all the things I love – drawing, crafting and love for nature and make her the perfect one, which she would like and could use by the water. And as she liked it so much I though that I could sale it and make other fishermen and fisherwomen as happy as her…

That’s how I started and from one idea and product, I’ve grown my company with lots of gift items of any kind – greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts and many others.

Based in the Czech Republic we’re focusing mainly on the Czech costumers, but if you like something from our assortment, don’t be afraid to contact us on our e-mail or social network. Catch our fish and experience the well-being that comes with our products, no matter if you give them or keep them to remind you of your beloved fishing.

About Reel Art

I think we’ve all experienced this: you see the date of your close one’s birthday approaching mercilessly and you still don’t know what to give to them. And so you’re googling and searching… It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Are you looking for „SOMETHING“ that would make a fisherman happy, but things like boilies, hooklenght or reel say nothing to you? Are you afraid of buying something that would cost a fortune and be completely useless?

Give a gift, which is practical, affordable, with fish design, connected with fisherman lifestyle and what is important, it will be from heart. Here are some of our recommendations and highlights:

Do you need just a littleness that would make others happy and eventually become a precious treasure? Handwritten wishes inside one of our greeting cards can show your close ones your love or friendship and be a beautiful piece of memorabilia to keep forever.

Do you know an enjoyer of coffee? Let’s choose them one of our ceramic cups that are big enough to please all morning coffee drinkers or a tin cup if they like to take their daily dose of liquid happiness out on a shore of a pond.

Do you want to make your fisherman feel unique and 100% original? Buy him one of our T-shirts, which you can find nowhere else. They’re designed to be worn either to a pond or to a job, with a big meticulousness, so you can be sure you’ll always stand out.

Do you know that your fisherman likes to také a nap after a good lunch? And what about buying him one of our pillows with decorative design of fish? With them they’ll surely sleep like a top!

Do you have an idea of a specific, custom gift? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can make original T-shirt or greeting card for you, exactly as you would like it to be. But please take into account that we need longer time for the making process, so contact us sufficiently in advance.


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